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Habu Sampling

Sampling cylinders are used for storage and transport of fluids to the laboratory

We design, develop, manufacture, test, service and rent out sampling cylinders for different  types of sampling for the oil & gas industry. 

Habu Sampling`s cylinders are the most versatile, robust and innovative constant - pressure sample cylinders supplied to the industry.

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Lightweight Piston- cylinders and flow through cylinders.

  • ·         LPC – Low Pressure cylinders, 2900 psi, volume at 300cc, material 316 SS
  • ·         MPC – Medium pressure cylinders, 10000 psi, volume 600-1000 cc, material Titan
  • ·         HPC – High pressure cylinder, 20000 psi, volume 600-1000 cc, material Titan
  • ·         20 L – Sample bottle, 2900 psi, volume 20 L, Material Aluminium
  • ·         4 L Sample cylinder, 2900 psi, volume 4 liter, material Titan

Boxes for Transportation and storage are supplied

Rental & Service

We offer a comprehensive range of different type of sampling cylinders for rental. Our workshop is equipped for service & maintenance and repair of all types of sampling cylinders. Cylinders can be leak testet and pressure tested up to 30 000 psi.



We are certified according to NS-ES ISO 9001.

Habu Sampling cylinders are in the compliance with the Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED).

Product marking:

TPED sampling cylinders are marked with the Pi (π )symbol and the identification number of the Notified Body which perform the assessment


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